Attendee name
Scholarly Interests:
Astbury, LeahUniversity of CambridgeGender, Reproduction, History of emotions, Social History of Medicine
Barnes, NicoleDuke UniversityGender, indigenous medicine, colonial medicine, image analysis, Cold War, medical diplomacy, medical advertisements
Bowen-Murphy, AshleyBrown UniversityMilitary Medicine, Invalidism, PTSD, Gender, Patient Narratives, Mind-Body Connection, 19th century, Cardiology
Bracken, RachelRice UniversityPublic Health; Histories of Medicine; immunity; contagion; community; (trans)nationalism; biopolitics; demography; public humanities
Burke, VerityUniversity of ReadingAnatomy, nineteenth century/Victorian, museums, taxidermy, Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, anatomical atlases, narrative, literature, social media.
Chenyek, Rico KleinsteinUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaignalternative medicine, indigeneity, latinidad, mental health, colonialism, gender, sexuality, disability, medical authority, inclusion
Collini, SaraGeorge Mason UniversityGender, Midwifery, Public Health, Network Analysis, Text Mining, Data Visualization
Craig, Leigh AnnVCUMental illness, possession, melancholy, frenzy, diagnosis, miracles, madness, gender, brain injury, rabies,
Dahn, TristanThe College of Physicians of PhiladelphiaText Mining, Image Mining, Gender, Network Analysis, Pandemics, Digital Exhibition/Curation, Data Visualization
DenBeste, MichelleCSU FresnoGender, professions, GIS, grants, text mining, women doctors
Donaldson, ElizabethNew York Institute of TechnologyDisability Studies, Psychiatry, American Literature
Gardner, Martha N.MCPHS UniversitySoap and Hygiene, Chemical Exposures, Public Health, Cigarettes, Prescriptions
Goldberg, DanielEast Carolina UniversityPain, Imaging, Objectivity, Text Mining, Neurology, Railway Medicine, Malpractice, Pensions
Grunewald, SusanCarnegie Mellon UniversityDisease, Hunger, Dystrophy, Text Mining, GIS, Mapping
Harvey, JulieNatural History Museum, LondonData visualisation, Materia medica, Dark data, Network analysis
Hermsen, LisaRITPsychiatry, Criminal insanity, Pharmaceutical, Network analysis, Assistive technology, Rhetoric
Hewitt, JessieMarymount UniversityAsylums, Psychiatry, Gender, Nineteenth Century, Disability
James, ChristianThe Catholic University of AmericaText Mining, Images, Re-Use of Digital Collections, Diet and Nutrition
Jones, KellyStony Brook UniversityGender, health manuals, text mining, advertising, mapping, analgesics, alternative medicine, database structure
Klein, MichaelJames Madison UniversityGender, Pregnancy, Reproduction, Eugenics, Disease, Popular Culture
Kosmin, JenniferBucknell UniversityGender, childbirth, medical professionalization, anatomy, medical display, social networks
Lankford, KathrynMichigan State UniversityClinical trials, Pharmaceuticals, Gender, Reproduction, Empire, Oral History, Text Mining, Image Analysis
Lee, JongminUniversity of Virginiaoccupational health, community health, safety, epidemiology, gender, Neatline, text mining, mapping, interactive online experience, reflection on the use of technology in digital humanities
Lori JonesUniversity of Ottawaplague studies, plague treatises, medieval medicine, early modern medicine, manuscript images, epidemic disease, pandemics, text mining, mapping
MacCord, KateArizona State Universitydevelopment, growth, dentition, anatomy
Mas, CatherineYale Universitypopular medicine; religion and medicine; gender; medical anthropology; global health; health reform
McGrath, WilliamUniversity of VirginiaTibetan Medicine, Tibetan Religion, Tibetan History, Medical Narrative, Medical Ritual, Bibliography, Intertextuality, Medical Imagery, Digital Publication
Metzger, AllyssaHarvard UniversityPhilosophy, manuscript studies, visualization, teaching, ingredients/food history, text mining
Naughton, RobinThe New York Academy of MedicineNetwork Analysis, Digital Humanities, public health, urban health, digitization, photo metadata
Nesbitt, MarkRoyal Botanic Gardens, KewMateria medica, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Knowledge networks, Colonial botany, Data integration, Object biographies, Digital texts
O'Neil, EricaArizona State UniversityGender, Pregnancy, Teratogens, Reproductive Health, Public Health Policy, Science and Decision Making, Social Network Analysis, Text Mining,
Perry, HeatherUniversity of North Carolina CharlotteText Mining in foreign languages (German); text mining in old-fashioned script; Military Medicine; Disability; Nutrition; Public Health posters; pandemics; gender; war; teaching undergraduate history of med courses; helping students (undergrad and grad) find and use online primary sources
Sarkozy, AlexandraWayne State UniversityGender, Physiology, Psychiatry, Pharmacy, Alternative Medicine, Homeopathy, Network Analysis
Scales, RebeccaRochester Institute of Technologydisability, prostheses, epidemic disease, digital databases, text mining, photographic analysis
Schultheiss, KatrinGeorge Washington UniversityPsychology/psychiatry, France/Europe, neurology, gender
Sechrist, Guy Villanova University History of the Body, Gender and Sexuality, Agency, Print Material
Steere-Williams, JacobCollege of CharlestonInfectious Disease, Visualization of Epidemics, Network Analysis, Public Health, Surveillance, the Body
Sullivan, AmyMacalester CollegeMedical History: Addiction, Children, Gender, PTSD, Trauma, Digital Content Production
Theodore, DavidMcGill UniversityHealthcare Architecture, Hospitals, Computation, Automation, Education
Walma, LisanneUtrecht UniversityPharmacy, Digitized Newspapers, Narcotics, Addiction, Text Mining, Reference Cultures
Ward, LeslieQueensborough Community College (CUNY)History of Psychiatry, Hospital Architecture, Teaching with Medical Images , Medical History as an Interdisciplinary Teaching Tool
Whelan, JeanUniversity of Pennsylvanianursing, nurses, women's work, gender, caregiver distribution, access to care, supply and demand of health care professionals, professionalization, health care regulation
Woytonik, K. A.University of New Hampshire-ManchesterData Visualization, Hospitals, Patient Privacy, Bioethics, GIS, Medical Experimentation, Nineteenth Century
Yero, FarrenDuke UniversityDisease, Vaccines, Experiments, Public Health, Technology, Animals, Gender, Pedagogy, Storytelling, Mapping

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